The following are just a few of the recent projects successfully designed and completed by Andrew Novak Architect. Please visit the Residential and Commercial pages for a more comprehensive look at projects related to their respective building type.  



Pittsburgh, PA

   This rear yard pavilion is a building whose design greatly evolved during the design development phase from a covered open air spa tub structure into a (4) season entertainment pavilion through a productive dialogue between owner and architect. The most obvious and interesting fact about the building is that it is a single space walled on (3) sides from floor to ceiling in glass.

    The pavilion is sited perpendicular to the main house along the side yard and helps to frame and somewhat enclose the spacious rear yard. The view of the outdoors imposes itself; constantly shifting according to weather conditions, time of day, or the changing seasons. The building has visual and physical connections to the existing uncovered main house barbecue/fire pit/patio entertainment space with cut stone walks which act as 'spine' connections and are intergrated with the existing main house stone patio.

    It is the interior where the full impact of the pavilion's expressive objective is most clearly felt. The building easily converts from an indoor to an outdoor facility with the use of a glazed panel folding wall system that opens the building almost completely on (3) sides. This structure contains an exterior covered spa tub with a water feature; which includes a fountain and splash pools; sitting room, kitchen, full bathroom, fireplace, and a pull down 'Murphy' bed. A wood timber frame roof truss  structure provides a dramatic open vaulted/cathedral ceiling with fully glazed gabled ends which introduce constantly changing light and shadow.

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The Exercise Coach

Pittsburgh, PA

   This in-line tenant space build-out houses a new one-on-one personalized fitness studio in a strip mall within a commercial district in Mt. Lebanon, PA. The 'Exercise Coach' provides a (20) minute, data driven, coach led alternative to conventional fitness. It is high-efficiency strength training, guided by a certified 'Exercise Coach,' in which quality matters much more than quantity. Their coaches use data and technology to optimize one's results fast - in (1) or (2) (20) minute workouts per week.

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