The following are just a few of the recent projects successfully designed and completed by Andrew Novak Architect. Please visit the Residential and Commercial pages for a more comprehensive look at projects related to their respective building type.  


First Floor Remodel

Hershey, PA

   Engaged and commissioned by newly arrived residents of Hershey, Pennsylvania, Andrew Novak Architect remodeled the first floor of this house originally built in the early 20th century by Milton Hershey for his personal tailor in the elegant and charming neighborhood in and around the Hershey Amusement Park walking commercial district. 

    The scope of work included widening openings in an effort to explode the box, expanding the kitchen into the (1) story rear yard addition (not original to the house and added sometime in the 1980's) which required removing a not insignificant amount of (3) course thick brick exterior perimeter wall of the existing dwelling with all associated structural work, a new guest suite with a larger full bath, a new gas fireplace, new flooring, and all new wood base and door/window casing throughout.

    The client wanted to pursue a palette of rich colors and tones in an effort to set an optimistic and uplifting mood which would be ever changing with subtle shifts in light, shade, and shadow and could be more accutely experienced with glimpses from room to room achieved through the widening of existing openings and the opening of existing rooms.  


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The Exercise Coach

Pittsburgh, PA

   This in-line tenant space build-out houses a new one-on-one personalized fitness studio in a strip mall within a commercial district in Mt. Lebanon, PA. The 'Exercise Coach' provides a (20) minute, data driven, coach led alternative to conventional fitness. It is high-efficiency strength training, guided by a certified 'Exercise Coach,' in which quality matters much more than quantity. Their coaches use data and technology to optimize one's results fast - in (1) or (2) (20) minute workouts per week.

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